Bespoke design

At the core of Edith & Kiveen is our bespoke jewellery design service, creating unique handmade pieces that will delight, amaze and inspire you.

If you have an idea for a piece you would like creating, be it remodelling a cherished brooch into a fabulous necklace or cuff, turning a pair of cufflinks into earrings or releasing a beautiful stone from a piece you can’t wear and turning it into something you can, please share your visions and ideas with us so we can help make them a reality. We also work on many commissions that mean designing items from scratch, particularly to create that magical gift or surprise for a loved one, so we guarantee a service that will exceed your expectations and provide you with the perfect piece of jewellery.

Working with renowned gemstone experts and lapidary specialists Holts of Hatton Garden, London, we offer a complete bespoke design and consultation service, helping turn your dreams for a beautiful, unique and personal piece of jewellery into a wonderful reality.

Our process:
At Edith & Kiveen our bespoke design process is all about the personal, and you can be as closely and intimately involved in every step as you want to be. From the face-to-face consultation at the outset of every commission through all subsequent stages as the design takes shape and comes to beautiful fruition. From sketching to drawing to modelling and final production, the entire process is designed to keep you at the very centre. Whether it is to be a surprise or gift, we will take time to get to know the person for whom the piece is to be designed, either (and preferably) by meeting them, or by learning about them from you.

Our designer, Nicola Rees Mumford, will bring her extensive knowledge of gemstones, her creative flair and innate skill for finding the precise gem and design for the piece to help shape your requirements. With a close consideration of budget parameters, strong project management and a firm belief in helping you find the right design to suit the wearer’s personality, we’re sure that you will find our bespoke consultation service friendly, unintimidating, fully dependable and fun.

With the skill to create both the finest traditional pieces, along with the flair and creativity to design cutting-edge contemporary pieces to meet your needs, you are guaranteed exceptional customer satisfaction and an unforgettable piece of jewellery to treasure.

What will happen:
We work best when starting with a face-to-face meeting with the commissioner or recipient. The initial consultation will last from around 30 minutes and can be at a place of your choosing and convenience. This is a crucial part of our design process. At this point we will agree all costs and timescales with you.

We will spend time understanding your requirements for the proposed piece, including any existing sources of inspiration, colour ideas and early sketches, generating our own drawings on paper to begin to work out shape, form and proportion, also discussing materials and stones.

Where we are sourcing stones for you, we will arrange a further meeting to discuss and refine your choices, always consulting with you before any stones are set.

We will refine designs according to your feedback and, if appropriate, model the design in silver or wax for you to view. Once you are happy with your model, we will handcraft the finished item in the precious metal of your choice, in the case of rings confirming sizings with a fitting before finalization.

We will be clear about delivery timescales. The process usually takes 4-6 weeks from the initial consultation, depending on availability for stage sign-offs and requirements for stone sourcing.

You will receive a completely unique and beautiful piece of hand-crafted jewellery, as exquisite as it is personal, as comfortable as it is captivating and demanding to be worn, enjoyed and admired.

What will not happen:
We will never surprise you with the cost of the entire process, or with hidden costs along the way. What is agreed at the outset, based on our initial consultation, will be the final price for manufacture and delivery. In the case of sourcing pieces, we will agree a timescale and agree a fixed fee or percentage of the cost of the final piece, whichever is more suitable for you.

In the case of remodeling, we may not always need to harm the integrity of an existing piece, meaning it can be put back in its original form and no one need ever know!

We will establish the design and cost parameters, ensuring that your wishes for this unique piece are fulfilled.

We will not intimidate you with technical or scientific jargon, explaining the process in simple language and ensuring that any information about the geology, value, cut or suitability of the stones needed is explained clearly and accurately.

If you have a bespoke commission you would like to discuss with the Edith & Kiveen team, or any questions at all about our design process, we’d be delighted to hear from you. To arrange a private consultation please contact us.

You will also find further information about the Edith & Kiveen design approach in our FAQs.