Ciel collection


Watermelon kite

A watermelon tourmaline attached to two kites.

Large brilliant watermelon tourmaline ring with citrine and pink topaz kite shaped shoulders set in platinum and 18ct white gold


Aqua rose

Such a lovely combination of colours.

A marquise shaped morganite ring with aquamarine tapered baguette shoulders set in 18ct white gold


Summer skies

An obvious name looking at the colour of the beryl & tiny rose cut clouds of diamond do.

Green beryl and rose cut diamond earrings set in 18ct yellow gold


Blue lagoon

Back to those tropical colours.

Natural turquoise ring with a light and dark pink sapphire surround set in 18ct white and rose gold



A play on words, sapphire being the central stone & suffragette colours again.

Natural green sapphire surrounded by cat’s-eye chrysoberyl, pink and yellow topaz set in 18ct rose gold



By the initials E&K.

Black sapphire chain with E&K signature clasp in rhodium plated sterling silver


Spring blossom

The colours of these sapphires are the colours of spring flowers.

Lisa bracelet set with lilac and pale green sapphires set in 18ct white gold


Autumn leaves

The colours of these sappphires are the colours of autumn leaves

Lisa bracelet set with orange and deep pink sapphires set in 18ct rose gold

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