Borealis collection


Sea stars

So many colours of stars to be seen at sea.

Tourmaline. 9ct yellow gold.

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Alex & Rite

A pun on the name of one of the stones and the recipient!

Sapphire, ruby and alexandrite. 18ct white gold.

Earings 1_1


Because that's what these reminded me of throughout their creation.

Iolite, peridot and aqua. 18ct white gold.

Earings 2_1

Battenburg lights

The colour of that cake I used to love as a child.

Citrine, tourmaline, yellow topaz and purple sapphire. 18ct white gold.

Earings 3_1

Cool sweeties

Menthol flavour I think.

Aqua, tourmaline and amethyst. 18ct white gold.

Earings 4_1


And there are so many with these earrings, you can wear them three ways.

Blue and yellow sapphire, moonstone detachable earrings. 18ct white gold.

Earings 5_1

Rose drops

You can almost smell the roses in these stones.

Brown star sapphire, smokey quartz graduating beads and rose quartz. Sterling silver.

Earings 6_1


Beautifully carved tourmaline slices gave this piece its name.

Black star sapphire, spinnel and carved pink tourmaline. 18ct white gold.

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