Image of Design of necklace along with old picture of Nicola

About Edith & Kiveen

Edith & Kiveen is a jewellery design house built around a passion for jewellery, the colour and magical essence of gemstones and a love of the unique. With a deep knowledge and love for the rich and diverse world of gems and jewellery, we offer a complete bespoke design and consultation service, and a select annual collection of jewellery, helping turn your dreams for a beautiful, one-off and personal piece of jewellery into a wonderful reality. Our overall approach is characterised by a desire for gemstones to be worn and enjoyed, to live, delight, surprise and fascinate, with pieces of jewellery that bring about a silent conversation between jewel and owner that allows both to shine magnificently.

Edith & Kiveen:
One was inspirational through the benign influence of her serenity, born from a calm inner strength and softly-spoken wisdom. With an under-stated but energetic flair for inventiveness and self-education, her brilliant creativity was matched only by the humility with which she wore it.

The other was simply larger than life, an outré artist with a unique sense of style and firm belief in the importance of creativity and colour to a life well-lived. An outspokenly powerful woman who dared to challenge conventions at a time when convention strove to limit the reach of her imagination, her outlook was bold, her flair boundless, her joie de vivre and originality inspiring.

Theirs was a friendship that defied expectations. It was as surprising in its genesis as it was delightful in its flowering, as strong in its mutual admiration as it was defined by the constant laughter that embraced it. And as enduring and beautiful as a treasured gemstone, lustrous, strong and magical.

Our jewellery reflects the qualities they possessed as individuals and through their abiding friendship. It expresses the fascination for colour, radiance and boundless creativity that they encouraged. Bringing together the unusual and the classic, and characterised by colour, intricacy and fluidity. Above all, it celebrates their special bond.

They were, and we are, Edith & Kiveen.

The Designer, Nicola Rees Mumford
Nicola has a life-long fascination with jewellery and gemstones and their ability to excite, intrigue and bring joy to the people who own and wear them. She is returning to her passion following a long and distinguished career in law, one which highlighted her innate skill in understanding and articulating what clients want, consistently exceeding their expectations. This skill is also highly important to her jewellery design.

Her legal career, though demanding and hugely satisfying, was regularly punctuated with a return to her abiding outside interests through jewellery design commissions, advice to friends and colleagues on sourcing stones and hunting antique pieces and a voracious appetite for broadening her deep knowledge of stones whilst adding to a collection of gems that began in early childhood.

Her approach to design is based on this extensive knowledge of jewellery and gemstones and a belief in the personal significance of jewels beyond simply how they look. She loves the stories that jewels can hold, and the enigmatic ways in which the right stone can accentuate and effortlessly compliment the wearer. Her style is colourful, mixing unusual palettes within intricate and complex designs that are nonetheless characterised by the fluidity of the aesthetic and organic structures. Most usually using rub-over settings for the stones, her pieces are rendered real through classic craftsmanship. The results are unique and instantly classic, lustrous and shimmering gemstones in beautiful settings, reinforcing the Fabergé axiom that jewels should load women in colour and light, but adding to this statement an organic, under-stated caveat of simplicity and quality.